The IBS Audio Program 100

Current information on Irritable Bowel Syndrome for professionals and patients, including research and clinical issues as
well as practical information and help for all patients suffering from IBS.

Hypnotherapy has been officially recognized since 1958 by the American Medical Association and has continued to
 grow and show success in the use for IBS, including hospitals, research centers, gastroenterology practices and more.

We are committed to being part of the vital link between orthodox and complementary medicine.

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Quick Link to: The UK Register of IBS Therapists  

The IBS Register Website Services

The IBS Register provides information to IBS sufferers and supports them by providing contact information to therapists, links to research papers, and taking time to explain the emotional aspects of IBS as well as the better known physical aspects of this most troublesome condition.

The register was established in July 1997 by Michael Mahoney, a clinical hypnotherapist, who through medical research project experience and specializing in treating IBS with hypnotherapy, developed specific hypnotherapy processes to assist IBS sufferers to mitigate their symptoms, and in some cases remove the symptoms of IBS altogether.

IBS Sufferers and their families

The IBS Register is for individuals with Irritable Bowel Syndrome and their families. 

The IBS Register provides links to, and information about, complementary therapists who have either chosen to specialize in treating IBS or who have a track record and interest in IBS and its impact on the individual. Many will have taken additional training in this area to ensure they are up-to-date in current practices. 

Complementary Therapists

For complementary therapists the IBS register provides current information and thinking about the IBS condition. It also provides a highly visible platform for your practice additionally with extended membership you have your own search engine optimized web page to maximize your presence on the internet.

Medical Professionals

The IBS Register is also for medical professionals, providing a valuable resource pool for their patients and themselves.


The IBS Register



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Please have your symptoms diagnosed by a medical practitioner or doctor. It is important to remember that you cannot
 self diagnose IBS and there are many serious conditions that can mimic some IBS Symptoms.


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