The IBS Audio Program 100 ™

Current information on Irritable Bowel Syndrome for professionals and patients, including research and clinical issues as
well as practical information and help for all patients suffering from IBS.

Hypnotherapy has been officially recognized since 1958 by the American Medical Association and has continued to
 grow and show success in the use for IBS, including hospitals, research centers, gastroenterology practices and more.

We are committed to being part of the vital link between orthodox and complementary medicine.

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IBS Audio Program information and ordering information below the news reports. - Consistently Successful

Research has consistently shown hypnotherapy to be an effective form of treatment for many individuals who suffer from IBS. Treatment effects include:


Decrease in abdominal pain


Reduction in diarrhea episodes


Reduction of chronic constipation


Decrease in visceral hypersensitivity


Positive effect on motility


Improved quality of life


Reduced doctor visits


Reduced use of medication


Decrease in depression and anxiety


Results are maintained long after treatment ends, May 5th 2008

BBC News - Hypnosis can heal bowel illness

Hypnotherapy could help people with severe irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), researchers say.

Doctors should consider using this and other "psychological" treatments such as antidepressants to help sufferers, King’s College London experts say in the British Medical Journal.

However, a shortage of therapists could hinder this, they add.

Experts said there was growing evidence that IBS cases have psychological as well as biological elements.

BBC News, 25th May 2007


WebMD - All Central Symptoms Improve

"All central IBS symptoms improved substantially from treatment in both studies. In conclusion, hypnosis improves IBS symptoms through reductions in psychological distress and somatization. Improvements were unrelated to changes in the physiological parameters measured."

WebMD, 1st Nov 2002

New York Times - Let the Mind Help Tame An Irritable Bowel

The brain has the ability to inhibit sensations from the gut. But, as Dr. Gerson put it, ”I.B.S. patients tend to be hypervigilant — too aware of what is going on in their gut.” Through techniques like hypnotherapy and cognitive-behavioral therapy, it is possible to change how the brain perceives what is happening in the body.

In hypnotherapy, patients learn to visualize their colon as functioning more normally. In cognitive-behavioral therapy or short-term psychotherapy, patients can learn to change symptom-provoking beliefs, like thinking that their colon will always be abnormal or that a given circumstance will provoke symptoms.

In a British study of 204 patients in which more than two-thirds of them were initially helped by hypnotherapy, 81 percent of those maintained the improvement up to five years after the treatment. Learning to practice stress-reduction and relaxation techniques can be as helpful as learning which foods to avoid.

New York Times, Sep 2nd 2008


US News & World Report - IBS & Mind Body Techniques show real promise when it comes to treating digestive disorders

Gas. Bloating. Diarrhea. Cramps. The digestive system has many varied and unpleasant ways of asserting itself when the process isn’t going smoothly all well worth pondering as the holidays approach.

But while everyone suffers the occasional Imodium moment, a surprisingly large number of people wrestle every day with more disabling disorders, from Crohn’s disease to gastroesophageal reflux disease to irritable bowel syndrome, which by itself afflicts as many as 1 in 5 people.

For many, severe pain and the unpredictable need for a bathroom can mean living life as prisoners in their own homes.

Medications offer relief for a number of gastrointestinal conditions. But some drugs have been withdrawn from the market or restricted Zelnorm for IBS, for example, was pulled because it increased cardiac risks and side effects can be a problem.

So, researchers have recently taken an entirely new approach, focusing more on the head than on the plumbing. Studies have shown that mind-body techniques such as cognitive-behavioral therapy and hypnosis are effective at reducing the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome, which causes pain and altered bowel movements


The IBS Audio Program 100


The complete IBS Audio Program 100® can be purchased for $89.00 USD or £54.27 UKP including shipping and handling. Please visit our Secure Order Form for Complete pricing for other countries, sales and download options.

Healthy Audio Ltd: Clinical hypnotherapy program's as audio CD or mp3 download

The first audio program of its kind for home use……developed for all variations of IBS symptoms.

The IBS Audio Program 100® uses specific clinical hypnotherapy processes to alleviate the various symptoms of IBS. These recordings include a clear introduction, five separate and different clinical hypnotherapy sessions, each building together into a course of IBS treatment, with listening schedule, and symptoms progress chart, and detailed irritable bowel syndrome information.

The IBS Audio Program 100® effectively converts one-to-one IBS treatment sessions that are used in the clinical environment, into a unique home based, discreet, affordable, easy to follow audio program for the IBS sufferer.

Designed and performed by Michael Mahoney, one of the United Kingdom's leading Clinical Hypnotherapists for IBS treatment. The program is the culmination of clinical experience since 1986. His services are also regularly used by gastroenterologists, doctors and other medical professionals. Michael is an associate member of the Primary Care Society for Gastroenterology.

Michael became interested in IBS treatment in 1993, due to increased referrals from gastroenterologists who could not find relief for their IBS patients with conventional medical IBS therapy and treatments.

These patients were the doctor’s “heart-sinks” because nothing further could be done for them. In fact, many of these patients had given up hope and were ready to try anything to get relief from suffering with IBS. These were refractory IBS patients; that is, patients resistant to every type of IBS treatment provided for them.

After seeing thousands of IBS patients with every combination of symptoms and duration, who were referred through word of mouth or by medical professionals, the clinical hypnotherapy sessions used in the clinical setting were fine-tuned and recorded on audio tapes for patients either too far away or too incapacitated to attend IBS therapy sessions in person.

To test the efficacy and effectiveness of this audio program, patients were asked to participate in private clinical research trials. These patients were contacted for three follow-up periods of assessment, with the last being three years following completion of the audio program. Results exceeded previous research findings and showed an average 95% reduction rate of medications.

The IBS Audio Program 100® Includes:

Three (3) IBS therapy session CDs — Including detailed irritable bowel syndrome information.
Complete informational booklet containing symptom checklist, progress log, listening scheduler, and essential information for IBS sufferers.
Also included is a 4th BONUS CD entitled IBS Companion©, which explains IBS to other individuals in the IBS patient’s life.
The entire CD version of the program is packaged in a convenient, discreet “take-along” folder, with convenient scheduler inside.

Healthy Audio Ltd: Clinical hypnotherapy program's as audio CD or mp3 download

Please complete our SECURE ORDER FORM to purchase The IBS Audio Program 100® securely online or to print out an invoice to send via postal mail.

The complete IBS Audio Program 100® can be purchased for $89.00 USD or £54.27 UKP including shipping and handling. Please visit our Secure Order Form for Complete pricing for other countries.

Shipped in plain wrapping.

The IBS Audio Program 100® is a unique product for IBS sufferers…

Most sufferers can and want to do more to make life more bearable, and now they can!

Many medical professionals in the UK use Michael's services, which is definitive recognition that the processes used in this audio program are accepted as an effective and safe complementary IBS treatment method, providing valuable irritable bowel syndrome information.

The IBS Audio Program 100® is extremely cost effective; less than ONE session of comparable in-person IBS therapy, and listeners work with one of the most acknowledged leaders in the field of IBS, in the privacy of their own home.

The program is convenient and discreet. Helping sufferers to help themselves in a way that is calming and gentle.

The IBS Audio Program 100® is structured over a 100 day period, with a listening schedule for each day (including 20 days off). The program consists of 3 CDs, which contain an introduction and five different hypnotherapy sessions, each building on the preceding one. Sessions vary in duration but average 25-35 minutes. The program also includes a progress log/symptom check list and valuable irritable bowel syndrome information.

All that is required for participation is to find a set time each day when you can listen quietly and be undisturbed. Simply fit your listening time into your daily schedule at your own convenience.

The commentary introduction and five therapeutic sessions found on the IBS CDs are as follows:

Commentary Introduction

* Provides detailed information about hypnotherapy, the specific
process being used for the audio treatments, and irritable bowel syndrome information.

* Acknowledges the physical and psychological combination that
characterizes IBS pathology, triggers, and symptoms.

* Aims to treat both IBS and the problems in a person’s life that have resulted
from IBS, including anxiety, social fears, depression, fatigue, worry.

* Sets a stopping point for the emotional drain of IBS; from this
point on IBS symptoms will not worsen but will improve.
Subconscious begins to be affected and physical changes will follow.

* Emphasis on the safe, gentle, non-invasive aspects of IBS therapy and its record as a safe form of IBS treatment for many conditions for many years.

First Session

* The foundation session. Allows listeners to take the time to reduce their stresses and apprehensions, to become familiar with the hypnotherapy process, and to learn that they are in control at all times.

* Offers a gentle introduction to reduce anxieties and emphasize calming thoughts, thus reducing the negative thought patterns which trigger IBS physical responses.

* Helps manage IBS symptoms and let users begin to understand the benefits of allowing both mind and body to work together towards the goal.

Second Session

* Begins to address the subconscious and conscious thoughts which can trigger IBS symptoms.

* Teaches users, through creative imagery, to exercise control over these thoughts.

* Uses the power of suggestion to enable listeners to learn to control the speed of peristaltic waves of the GI tract, leading to normal bowel movements.

* Uses the mind to regulate the body.

Third Session

* Uses visualization to control the entire digestive process, from start to finish.

* Begins to allow user to take control and mentally search for areas within the GI tract where there is IBS pain or discomfort, and then reduce these symptoms while continuing to use positive thoughts.

* Negative thoughts should be decreasing and replaced by positive thoughts, which will help develop new coping strategies.

Fourth Session

* Uses metaphor to help view the journey through IBS as a trip that
is nearing an end.

* Acknowledges struggles of the past, the many steps the journey
has required, and that while there may be a step back occasionally
the progression forward will remain.

* Acknowledges old thought patterns and allows them to be
released; enhances positive thought patterns to achieve continued

* Emphasizes that while memories of old thought patterns may
remain, we don’t live in the past. We live in the moment. From this
moment on IBS will steadily improve, a sense of order has been
reached, and progress will now continue on its own.

Fifth Session

* Encapsulates positive moments from the five previous sections of the IBS CDs.

* Reaffirms the effects of the program.

* Listeners are encouraged to review this session occasionally
after the program ends to optimize their positive changes.

Content and listening order of the sessions are both important. The audio program of IBS CDs gives the IBS sufferer the structure necessary to allow a progression to the end of IBS in their lives, with the final result of the reintroduction of both previously forbidden foods and stressful activities.

These factors are meant to be reintroduced into patients’ lives in a controlled and structured way, with a subconscious and conscious mindset that prevents the suffering of physical problems from these formerly attack-inducing elements.

After the program is concluded, patients are encouraged to listen to the final session for an additional period of time to ensure the learned processes are embedded into their subconscious.

The program is successful for well over 80% of the patients who use it, and the reduction in symptoms and their severity averages 80-90% for these users.

Secure Order Form

It’s interesting to note the significant difference in success rates for the IBS-specific hypnotherapy tapes versus general hypnotherapy tapes. In contrast to the IBS Audio Program’s 80-90% success rate, general hypnotherapy recordings featuring standard relaxation techniques and visualization exercises have only produced an average 57% improvement rate for IBS patients. While any improvement is certainly better than none at all, it’s clear that the benefits are far greater from a clinical hypnotherapy program specifically developed for and aimed at IBS.

It is also important to remember that these statistics arise from studies with patients who were given no relief whatsoever from conventional medical IBS treatment and therapy – people who were, in fact, referred by gastroenterologists who had exhausted all other potential avenues of help. The incomparable success rates for the IBS Audio Program 100® are likely due to the in-depth study and understanding of both IBS and clinical hypnotherapy, which results in reducing anxiety, stress and fears directly related to IBS attacks, and increasing patient confidence, self esteem, and management of IBS-specific symptoms.

The IBS method of clinical hypnotherapy developed by Michael Mahoney is gut-specific, and termed “on-going progressive session induction.” This method was created upon the basis that as a patient responds and improves, something new must continue to happen in IBS therapy to help the patient achieve further results. Experience has shown that if the process remains the same, the patient is more likely to become stalled at some stage of the treatment. Particularly, the sounds and words used in therapy initially, when IBS symptoms are present, can become associated with this negative state of health and mind.
These same sounds and words should not continue to be used throughout the IBS therapy because the negative associations can then become anchored onto the healing methods, which will eventually limit the progress of the patient.

The IBS treatment method of clinical hypnotherapy allows the patient to continue to progress throughout the entire course of treatment, and beyond. As patients learn new ways of thinking, they have more internal resources available to use in overwriting their previous negative beliefs. This then leads to further progress, more free mental resources, more progress, and the resultant reduction of IBS symptoms. Hypnotherapy works on the basis that everyone is continuously developing in one way or another, as every day involves learning, making decisions, experiencing emotions, etc. The IBS treatment method takes advantage of this development and encourages it by changing the sessions and mental suggestions in ways that help carry the patient continuously forward.

This approach is based on the belief that everyone throughout their lives has to keep looking for ways of moving forward, and that continuous personal development should be second nature to us all. As change is a natural part of life, we should view it as an opportunity and not a threat. The IBS treatment method reduces the subconscious negative perceptions of change, allowing the embrace of new thoughts and beliefs, with the resultant improvement in IBS symptoms. Typically patients begin to feel much better as a result of changes in the way they think, their outlook on life, and its events, though rarely can someone pinpoint the precise moment improvements begin. These results stem from the subconscious mind, which controls the digestive system, very gently beginning to realize that the thought patterns of IBS are no longer needed. The subconscious reminds the individual as a whole that they existed very well, thank you, without IBS, and can do so again.

The IBS Audio Program 100® is complex in its make up, but the IBS CDs are quite seamless and simple for the patient as the learning process is made easy through the use of enjoyable imagery and suggestions. The IBS therapy itself allows changes, both physical and emotional, to occur without difficulty. Michael believes that just dealing with the symptoms of IBS is not enough, that the individual must learn to rebuild internal energy.

Many people with IBS feel drained emotionally by the stress of living with the disorder, and the resultant crises and responsibilities in their lives continually deplete their inner emotional strength and reserves, often leading to anxiety or even depression. Before a patient can begin the process of working through their IBS, they frequently need an emotional ‘top-up’ of these inner reserves.

In essence, they need their emotional batteries charged, as they have likely endured years of unstoppable pain and discomfort, of being told by various medical professionals that there is nothing that can be done, and intrusive or painful examinations and tests. In addition, family and work relationships may have been strained or eroded by living with an incurable illness, social and love lives may have dwindled to non-existence, and confidence and self-esteem may be at low ebb. With all of these additional stress factors the ability to put IBS in perspective is drastically reduced. If a patient begins IBS therapy at this point, they will be completely unprepared for the process and unable to act upon the instructions, and failure is likely if not certain. Michael’s program takes these IBS-specific circumstances into account, and tailors the hypnotherapy tapes to increase confidence and self-esteem first, in order to allow the patient to begin a journey of physical and emotional improvement and management. Then begins the change in their thoughts, the exchange of negative beliefs and feelings for positive ones, and the ability to move away from the symptoms and thoughts of IBS and forward towards a life without the disorder. Michael believes that this IBS-specific method of clinical hypnotherapy is the best, and his patient trial results support this.

Please have your symptoms diagnosed by a gastroenterologist or physician before starting the IBS CDs. It is important to remember that you cannot self diagnose IBS and there are many serious conditions that have symptoms similar to IBS.

Used by IBS sufferers internationally – over 30 countries
Available to sufferers in any country
All recordings are currently available in the ENGLISH language only. We are currently working to translate the recordings into other languages. Please contact us for more information.




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Please have your symptoms diagnosed by a medical practitioner or doctor. It is important to remember that you cannot
 self diagnose IBS and there are many serious conditions that can mimic some IBS Symptoms.


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