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Hypnotherapy has been officially recognized since 1958 by the American Medical Association and has continued to
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We are committed to being part of the vital link between orthodox and complementary medicine.

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In this section we would like to share our customers comments and successes. We value the feedback greatly and it makes all of us involved, Michael Mahoney and many others behind the scenes happy we have played a role in helping sufferers of Irritable Bowel Syndrome to feel better and improve their quality of life.

Some of the people who help Michael Mahoney, were helped themselves with their own IBS by Mr. Mahoney's audio recordings.

Patient Case Studies/Comments

From Successful Users of Program

IBS Audio Program 100© Users Comments and Stories

~~~~~ It's been a long road with IBS, and I want to share my struggles so you know just how far I've come using hypnotherapy, as I have had IBS D/C (Diarrhea/Constipation) (D-predominant for 27 years.)

It began on the first day of school my junior year. During that first class, I noticed a girl get up to leave the room to go (I assumed) to the restroom. I thought "How embarrassing, everyone knows where she's going." From that day on, I had to leave that first hour class to go to the restroom. At 8:20 each morning I would feel the urge to go, couldn't take it anymore, and would leave the room. This is when my anxiety about my bowel patterns began. I began to worry about if I would have to go, what people thought if me, and that something must be wrong with me.
The avoidance behaviors began. I tried not to do anything in the mornings, which was always the worst time. As I went through high school and college, I began starting my day later and later, until finally, during my senior year of college, I didn't start classes till 1:00 pm. I was ok later in the day, if I felt I'd been emptied out I could carry on with normal activities.
As time went on, I'd have problems in other places. I always had to sit on the aisle seat of the classroom or theater, and be the driver of the car. Once I told someone driving that I had to stop, and they said "No, you're a grown-up, you can hold it." I didn't let anyone drive me anywhere again, till recently.

In 1989 we took a trip to England to see my husband's family. I had no idea how I would make it, and went to see a hypnotherapist. He made a tape for my panic attacks and taught me relaxation techniques. It helped the panic, but my D and urgency was still a big problem.
On our 20th wedding anniversary, my husband and I went out to our favorite restaurant. I stopped at the restroom on the way out, and was in there for 30 minutes. My husband was waiting patiently. He was used to me by now. I had a horrible attack, but thought it was done. But it wasn't over. On the ride home we got stuck in a traffic jam in a construction zone. Trapped, no way out. I couldn't hold it, and had my first episode of incontinence on my 20th wedding anniversary. I was horrified. My husband was understanding, telling me not to worry, I was obviously ill.

It was that episode that made me look for a good doctor. I went online, found the IFFGD and the IBS Self-Help BB. The IFFGD referred me to a terrific GI, and he did a full workup on me. He sent me for PT and biofeedback. He got me on the proper dosages of medications (my GP prescribed me dosages too low to be effective) and supported my use of hypnotherapy. I had good success with it previously, and thought I would try Mike's IBS Audio Program 100, which I found on the BB.

I started Mike's recordings with enthusiasm. Change was slow. I went from D to C/D to C to D and around and around. I finished the tapes and was happy with the little improvement I had, maybe 35% at that time. But it wasn't until about 3 months after completing the tapes that I really saw a BIG change. It was then that I noticed my D was gone. My BMs were normal, usually one daily, sometimes two. I can now "hold it" for hours. Sometimes, I'll drive in the car, and notice that I'm not even thinking about where the bathrooms are on the route. That always surprises me. The anxiety is greatly reduced, probably 90%. I sit in the middle of the theater sometimes. I drive with other people. I've been on two vacations, been on 8 airplanes trips, been on a boat with strangers, with no attacks. I was even relaxed and had fun.

At times the old thoughts make their way in. I shoo them away once I notice them. I have had two D attacks in the past 9 months. I can live with that.
I think it's been a combination of things that got me to this place. I still watch my diet, although I have added back some things that were triggers, such as salads and citrus fruits. I do use a fiber supplement. I no longer fear my anxiety which had caused me so much trouble in the past.
Bottom line is, Mike's program has been the best thing I've done for IBS. I'm more relaxed, my world no longer centers around when I'll have a BM, I'm a happier person, less crabby and less depressed. I'm a better Mom and a better wife. I'm more active, and I look forward to doing things I avoided in the past. That's my story.
~ from Arizona

~~~~~ I realize I didn't have IBS as bad as a lot of people, but it had a tremendous impact on my life. Since I finished the program, I've only had 2 or 3 episodes of D and I can't even remember when the last one was now. I have days of lesser symptoms, but overall, I feel almost normal now. I think the tapes are the best thing you can do for yourself.
~ from San Diego, California

~~~~~ Mike's program has completely rewired my brain/gut connections. The problem that bothered me most was waking up in a "terror" or "panic" with cold chills or hot flashes and have to hurry to the toilet. I never got used to that happening and it would take quite a while to go away even after waking to an alert state and realizing there was nothing bad happening! If the tapes had "only" stopped that one problem they would have been worth their weight in gold to me! No more IBS, no more anxiety or depression and I look forward every night to falling asleep to my favorite session.

Mike's program has helped greatly as I'm not on any meds and my IBS/D is under control right now. the cost/benefit compared to going to the MD and the fact that they slow/stop the IBS makes them a great buy!! I know they are not what some consider cheap but as in all things in life "you get what you pay for" and they are worth saving up .

The fact that Mike's program is "gut specific" is what I attribute to the success of the program.

Mike, I would like to thank you for allowing me to be medicine free and feel great after 35 yrs of suffering from IBS/D.

The anxiety level is very low and I've been much more relaxed lately! I still listen to side 3 at bedtime because it is so relaxing and lets me sleep like a baby.
~ Norbert, Orange, Texas

~~~~~ I find the program particularly useful for pain and diarrhoea , especially, but not only, pain and D which are directly worsened by anxiety.

I looked at the cost of the tapes as an investment - into my future and my health. That's because the tapes aren't a one-off treatment, if you choose to use them, you can use them and the skills they teach you for the rest of your life.
~ from Dorset, UK

~~~~~ My pain was severe and actually made me almost dysfunctional. I have seen a tremendous reduction in that symptom. Like a consistent reduction that no medication or anything else was able to accomplish. I went thru the 100 day program seeing great relief as early as 21 days into the program. I also experienced better stress management & hence stress reduction. Greatest thing? The fact that IBS was no longer my first thought upon waking in the morning.
My D/C symptoms weren't affected as greatly at the end of the 100 days. However I re-started the program again and saw great reductions within 30 some odd days of the start of my second go round. I'm now looking forward to the release of the follow up recording to the 100 day program that Mike has just completed.
~ from New York City, New York

~~~~~ I tried the hypnotherapy program as a last resort because not one thing my doctor or gastroenterologist did for me brought me any relief from abdominal pain.
When I began the program, I did notice benefits occurring from the start - for one I started to sleep better than I had in a long time, then eventually I began to notice that my abdominal pain seemed to be so much easier to tolerate - whether that was because hypnotherapy helped me to relax my abdomen or whether it was a psychological or both I don't know.

Then I noticed that my entire outlook to having IBS changed, instead of sitting about thinking "oh why do I have this terrible condition - I don't know if I can go out and do this and that" my IBS became an issue on the peripheral of life not the main issue anymore and every time I had a bad day it would be like "oh well - I'll probably be better tomorrow".

Because of this and not worrying about it anymore, my IBS has become so much better - I no longer suffer from constipation - although I do have Diarrhea, but my worst symptom which was chronic pain has been virtually eliminated.

This is not to say that I don't have the odd day when the IBS decides to play up - but now psychologically I'm much more able to cope with it and take it in my stride so I can carry on working, having a social life etc.

I have also noticed that it has made me a much more calm person, I no longer get all stressed out about tiny little things and worry myself to death.

I'll be forever indebted to Mike for giving me back my life and something to look forward to.
If only I could conquer other health problems like that!

The program has brought me benefits I couldn't even have dreamt of 12 months ago.
You have nothing lose in trying them - they do not have any adverse effects whatsoever - so they can only help even if it is some small way.

However, statistics done in the field of gastroenterology do show that there is a huge success rate for hypnotherapy in reducing the symptoms of IBS in patients that do not respond to conventional medical treatment.

I guess at the end of the day the choice is up to you and whether you feel comfortable parting with that sum of money, but considering all the other money we spend on treatments - it is a mere drop in the ocean and a real opportunity to help you deal with IBS.
~ from Nottingham, UK

~~~~~ I suspect I had IBS in a much milder form when I was in my teens. It was mostly constipation but not bad enough to really interfere with my life. When I was in my mid twenties I had my first bad attack. It was severe cramping and D. It came without any warning and I made my first doctor appointment. He asked a lot of questions then told me it's just "spastic colon". He did not offer any treatment. It improved over time but I was often aware of mild cramps.

It hit full force in my early forties and was unrelenting. I suffered severe cramping, urgency and would be going all day. It was like this most days. I was depressed and sure something was very wrong with me. This time when I went to a different doctor who was very supportive and ran many tests on me to make sure that it was indeed IBS. Then came several trials of different medications, some did nothing and although one had helped some I still spent several days a week in agony. I then put myself on a gluten free diet and the doctor gave me another medication. This combination helped more than the others all combined but my life still was not normal. I worried about going places and still had IBS attacks now and then. I also hated being on drugs.

In time learned of Mike's hypnotherapy program. I was a bit skeptical and not sure if I could afford it but when I added up the costs of the meds I was taking I thought what have I got to lose? This was the beginning of me getting my life back. The results were not instant but were subtle. For example one day I realized I got up in the morning and got on with the day without one thought to IBS. I hadn't done that in years!

Since I have finished the program my improvement has been remarkable. IBS no longer runs my life. I go months without any symptoms whatsoever. When I do, it is not as intense and usually self inflicted. In other words I know exactly what I did to bring it on. Too much sweets, alcohol etc. I can now eat whatever I want as long as I don't overdo.

I am extremely grateful to Mike for making these recordings and all those involved in getting them out there. I continue to improve and believe I'm not going back.
~ from Tina Goodwin, Kitchener, Ontario, Canada

~~~~~ Ever since I can remember, I have had stomach problems. As a small girl, I was admitted into the local Children's Hospital because I would just be so sick with diahorrea and cramping all the time. They ran the tests, upper GI, lower GI (I remember that one vividly), found nothing abnormal.

I had missed so much school I was in danger of failing, yet when the bus came around in the afternoon, my stomach ache and diahorrea magically disappeared. The doctors told my parents it was a nervous stomach, and that I needed psychiatric help to overcome whatever it was that bothered me about school that was making me sick. They labeled it 'school phobia', and sent us on our way. The psychiatrist I saw for years, up until I was a sophomore or junior in high school, never did figure out what was wrong, but I tried various anti-depressant/sedative type meds to no avail.

My stomach troubles only really bothered me when I was stressed, so I became a people pleaser, that way no one would ever get angry at me and my stomach would stay calm. Smart thinking for such a young girl. It worked pretty well until my mid-20's, I had taken a job at a very nice company, as I climbed the ladder there over 5 years or so, my job got very demanding, the pressure was extreme to say the least, and I found myself popping anti-diarrhea medication just to get through the day. In late 1998 and early 1999, it pretty much fell apart for me. I would outline my drive to and from work with places I could stop to use the restroom if needed, and I needed to stop almost daily usually both coming and going to work. As the job got more demanding, and the management got less and less sympathetic, I found myself completely unable to function, I was having IBS-D attacks daily, it had been months at that point since I had had a normal bowel movement. I had extreme panic and anxiety, I wouldn't go to the mailbox without needing to RUN back inside and barely making it to the toilet for an episode. In June of 1999, I quit work on the spot, no notice, nothing. Just quit. It was quite liberating, and I thought it would solve all my problems, but it didn't. I had a very supportive fiancé, and with his help I found a psychiatrist. He put me on medication, which did take a small amount of my anxiety away but did nothing for my diahorrea.

My primary care doctor referred me to a gastroenterologist, who diagnosed my nervous stomach as IBS, after a barium series and a colonoscopy. He put me on various antispasmodics, they too helped somewhat when I was having an attack, but I was completely helpless to stop them from happening in the first place. I literally spun out of control, not even getting out of my pajamas for a couple of months.

Right before Christmas of that year (1999) I borrowed money from my mom and ordered Mike's program. Within a week of starting the program, my stomach cramps subsided somewhat. Within the first month I was actually able to think them away. To slow down the churning, percolating stomach troubles, and to relax into Mike's voice.

I was finally able to go out, since I hadn't been in months. I'd just put my headphones on and drift off to sleep. I could never stay awake through the whole session. Some nights I couldn't get past the relaxation drill about tensing and relaxing your muscles. And I worried, was I getting the benefit of the sessions even though I was falling asleep, but Mike said that it is OK to sleep during the sessions. It was probably day 50 or more before I stayed awake through a whole session!!

It took only a couple of months to get my entire life back. My IBS was almost completely gone, and 100% controllable. I started going out to dinner, taking up hobbies, even going to outdoor concerts. I had small bouts only when under EXTREME stress, or when I ate things that I knew would be trouble. And every single IBS attack I have had since completing the program has been manageable simply by telling myself that this too shall pass.

It's been a year and a half now since I first got Mike's tapes, and they are still on my nightstand, I listen to tape 1 occasionally. Since Sept 11th, my IBS has come back a little bit. I think it's the anxiety more than anything. It's ok though, I am well equipped to handle it. I may even start the whole 100 days over again soon.

I'm not afraid anymore, because the program has helped me instinctively know how and when to calm myself down. I never would have pictured myself here, feeling as good as I do, if it hadn't been for Mike and his tapes. He is like my very own guardian angel. And an amazing one at that. I will forever be grateful for the work he put into making this program.

With incredible respect and buckets of gratitude and thanks.
~ from Berkley, Michigan

~~~~~ I just really wanted to take a chance to thank you. Your CD's have changed my life...wait…given me my life back. It still just amazes me that doing those relaxing CD's changed me so much. I am having trouble expressing just what it means to me and how much my life has been impacted. My attitude is different about everything. I'm not afraid to go to work or friends' houses. I don't have pain all the time. Not only do I wish there was a way I could buy everyone a set of your CD's that can't afford it but I want to get the word out to doctors and anyone that will listen. Everyone needs to at least try these. There is nothing else I have ever done that comes close to the physical and mental improvements I have seen from doing your CD's.

Thank you with all my heart. Tell your Mom to be proud. Her son has made a real difference in people's lives.
~ from Oakland, Michigan

~~~~~Thank you so much...I have received enormous benefits from the IBS Audio Program 100.

~ from Honolulu, Hawaii

~~~~~The IBS Hypnosis tapes help a lot. Thanks! ~ Becky, Northwest USA

~~~~~I was doubtful, but not now. Well done mate. A great program. Delivery was quick too. ~Jim, Australia

~~~~~Thanks, Mike! ~Helen, South America

~~~~~It has not cured me, but it has for sure helped me. ~Chrille, Sweden

~~~~~The recordings are the best for IBS. Keep up the good work, Mike! ~ Gretchen Woody, Eastern USA

~~~~~On second time around, and am very appreciative of the results so far!! ~ Nancy, NW USA

~~~~~Not a cure, but close enough! Thanks for everything! ~ Kathy, USA

~~~~~Thanks for the endless amount of information and suggestions. You and Mike have made a big difference in my life. ~Brian Gehringer, Pennsylvania

~~~~~Three-Quarters of the way through! Almost there! ~ Jennifer Berger, USA

~~~~~Mike, another happy customer here – it has been over a year since I finished – and the results have changed my life. Thank you so much! ((HUGS)) ~ Clair, UK

~~~~~I’m just on my last week and I’m really enjoying it! My thought processes have changed a lot and I’m really noticing the difference. I feel much more free of the burden! Thanks Mike! ~ Tanya Stephens, UK

~~~~~Thanks to Mike and his team. This is a great program. ~ Zayaka, Puerto Rico

~~~~~Getting better all the time. A life changing programme. ~ Peter, UK

~~~~~Thank you Mike for your never ending devotion to helping all of us. ~ Lauralee, Midwest, USA

~~~~~Thanks Mike! Don’t know where I’d be without you! ~ Nikki Williams, London, England

~~~~~The best thing I have done; my life is back to normal, thank you Mike for all your work, I would recommend it to everybody. ~ Janice

~~~~~Excellent program - did great for me. ~ Sarah, UK

~~~~~All comments from users of the IBS Audio Program 100© used with permission.~~~~~





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